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I believe that every scientist has a creative outlet - it is the foundation for out-the-box thinking and consequently successful scientific endeavor. Mine has always been rooted in music and dance.
Here are the projects that are rooted in my first love - partner dancing.  These projects are successful dance-related endeavors that started as a hobby - but have turned into a dance competition event company, a private scholarship foundation and creative consulting roles. 
Wild Wild Westie, LLC 
Managing Partner, Co-Founder
Established in 2012
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Wild Wild Westie is a four day West Coast Swing (WCS) dance competition and social dance event that is held annually in Dallas, TX over 4th of July.  We encompass WSDC Jack & Jill Competitions, 5 skill levels of workshops and original programs to create a unique social and educational experience. 
Role (Managing Partner)
Brand Management
UX Research Strategy
Hotel and Staff Contract Negotiation
Staff Management
Social Media Marketing 
Merchandising and Product Creation
Event Programs - Creative 
Financial Sponsorship Recruitment and Retention
110K+ gross profit in 2019. 
33% growth rate annually from 2012 to 2019 
Virtual program 2020 
AI Mentorship Program
Mentorship Program 
Established in 2017
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Program Founder
Program Administrator
The All-Star Intermediate (AI) Mentorship program is a level based mentorship opportunity run over the course of a dance weekend that connects high level dancers with up and coming dancers from different cities.  Our aim is to establish a program that not just brings dancers from different communities together, but also gives opportunities to dancers in our semi-professional division to help guide dancers in navigation of their dance journey. This program invites mentors and requires application for mentorship. Mentors and Mentees are matched on features including: personal or dance background, future ambitions, hobbies etc.  We have sponsored programs and have recently expanded to 6 dance weekends in an annual year. 
As of 2019, our program is run at Wild Wild Westie, Austin Rocks, Montreal Westie Fest (Coming Soon), Bridgetown Swing Championships, Easter Swing (Coming Soon) and Chicago Classic.  
Summer Swing Triple Crown_FINAL-04.png
Summer Swing Triple Crown 
Established in 2018
Program Founder
Program Administrator
The Summer Swing Triple Crown is a creative promotional program run across three separately owned events in order to increase community overlap between Texas and Northern and Southern California. 
This program is a crowd-sourced voting-style way of selecting the best social dancer of the year across 3 different events: Jack & Jill O'Rama, Wild Wild Westie, and Swingtacular. 
Wild wild Westie Favorites-0036.jpg
The College Swing Scholarship (CSS) was established in 2016 to identify and advance 1 to 2 students to take part in a year long program.  In this program, students receive a scholarship to attend dance event weekends, mentorship programs, dance educational materials and lessons for the purpose of understanding the elements of creating and sustaining a dance community anywhere in the country.  Depending on their interest, they may choose to sub-specialize in DJing, how to put on an event or teaching, though they may receive opportunities to train in all roles.   Scholars are required to maintain a blog documenting their experiences and organize college get-togethers (pizza parties) at dance weekends at which they are in attendance. 
Scholars are selected at Wild Wild Westie (W3) by a Selection Committee comprised of the Scholarship Board and other individuals who have contributed to the college dance community in an impactful way.  Previous Scholars serve on the committee.  Selection occurs during a series of special program and educational tracks for college students over W3 weekend. 
Scholarship Administration
Chairman of the Board - Appointment of Selection Committee
College Swing Scholarship
Private Scholarship Foundation
Established in 2016
College Swing Scholarship Website
Consultation Projects:
Monster Mayhem Dance Event
Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 2.21.38 PM.png
Austin Rocks Dance Event
Screen Shot 2020-11-24 at 2.22.43 PM.png
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